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6 Essential things to consider before buying a mascara

Most of us would agree that a good Mascara is absolutely essential. The eyes frame our face and by lifting and darkening our eyelashes we are able to brighten our faces, rejuvenate the look of our eyes when we are tired and make our eyes stand out.

What are the things to take into consideration when purchasing a mascara?

1: Must be easy to apply

There is nothing so annoying or awkward than a Mascara whose wand is too big and not user friendly. GoBlondies Foreplay Mascara was created to lengthen and define lashes by applying more product in the center of the lashes while the edge lashes receive a smaller amount of the product. The wand is smaller and easier to maneuver so there is no fear of poking your eye out or creating a clumpy overdone look. The result is big, highly defined lashes that create an instant dramatic and sensuous look no matter what time of day it is, making your eyes stand out and brighten up no matter what you have been up to the night before.

2: Long Lasting

It is important that a mascara will last all day .. high quality ingredients are essential to holding color and length to the lashes but it is also important that damaging preservatives such as parabens are not used to sustain the longevity of the mascara .. As the product is on your eyes for so long and with most women every day of the week.. plus sometimes all night when we don’t take our makeup off it is important to consider the ingredients in a mascara that prolong its wearability. Foreplay mascara is smudge proof and can be applied for a flirty day look. or built up for a bolder look in the evening. And you can wear it all day and night knowing it it is also working on your lashes as a conditioner and contains peptide to encourage lash growth and strength as well as containing no parabens or animal derived raw materials.

3: Comes off Easily

Nothing is worse than scrubbing your eyes as you valiantly try to remove mascara from them especially when you are tired and just want to go to sleep. When it is too hard we end up usually giving up and waking up with the dreaded morning after panda look. It is also extremely damaging to your eyes if a mascara is too difficult to remove and can particularly affect the delicate skin surrounding them when the mascara stubbornly refuses to budge. Foreplay Mascara does not smudge yet is easily removable. Even if you do get home late though there is no need to stress if you fall asleep and forget to remove it as your lashes will strengthen and condition with the nourishing formula.

4: Must dry quickly and effectively

Nowadays we are always on the run and even when not we don’t want to have to wait around for a mascara to dry . A good mascara is one that dries slowly enough to allow you to apply more coats but fast enough so that you are not waiting around for lashes to dry when you have better things to do with your time. Foreplay Mascara allows you the time to apply more coats but doesn’t have you running late as you wait for the formula to set .

5: Does not look clumpy

Foreplay stretches the lashes and lengthens with its high definition, sexy formula. It also contains the emollient moisturizer from olives which while creating a fully covered look from the roots to the tips of the lashes also avoids clumping due to the moisturizing factor within the formula .. delivering a classy look that turns heads.

6: Does what it claims to do

A good mascara is one that actually delivers on what it is merited to do. Foreplay Mascara does not disappoint from its naturally creamy feel that doesn’t dry stiff and hard ..to it’s beneficial array of Ingredients designed to nurture as well as enhance ..Foreplay mascaras smudge proof yet easily removable formula and its undoubtedly phallic looking wand that makes application easy and delivers a super sexy, sophisticated look makes it an essential addition to any woman daily beauty routine.

Foreplay Mascara also contains Diamond powder that infuses vitality and power to the lashes

These two benefits we can never have enough of so go ahead..satisfy yourself with long and sexy eyelashes and have more fun doing it!!!

XO GoBlondie Cosmetics

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