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Exercise for healthy, glowing skin!

healthy skin
So we all know that exercise is amazing.  It releases all these great chemicals which make us feel awesome.  It makes us feel strong and capable.  It also improves our cardiovascular health and helps us to live longer, healthier lives.    But did you know that exercise is also critical for maintaining glowing and healthy skin?   The increased blood circulation and flow we derive from exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your skin, helping to repair sun and environmental damage.  Exercise also makes us sweat.  Gross right

No –  it’s actually great!  Sweating opens up our pores and dispels toxins and waste from our skin (just make sure you wash away all that dirt as soon as you can after your workout!).  It’s no surprise then that Mark Tarnopolsky, a professor of pediatrics and exercise science at McMaster University and a team of researchers found that people over the age of 40 who engaged in regular cardio activity have healthier skin.  The study actually showed that such people had skin 10-20 years younger than their actual age!


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