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Stay hydrated, people!

Stay Hydrated

We’ve all been there.  We get to the end of a busy day and we realise we have forgotten to drink any water!  We know this isn’t ideal, but forgetting to drink water could be worse than we instinctively think.  Human beings are actually about 50 – 75% water and such water comprises our blood, digestive juices, urine and sweat (we know, LOVELY right?).   However, water is also necessary for most of our bodily functioning.

It keeps our cells hydrated (and therefore healthy) and quite literally ensures that our blood keeps flowing.  Adequate hydration also maintains our energy levels, brain function, digestion, and joint lubrication and nourishes our skin (we love that one!).

Okay, okay, I hear you saying, I know I need to be drinking more water, but how much should I be aiming for?  As a general rule, women need around 8 cups of fluid per day (this can include other drinks, but just water is recommended).  However, this “perfect” amount may vary depending upon a number of factors, such as where you live, the foods you eat and how much you exercise.
So what can you do to remind yourself to drink more water:
  • Get a large (and we mean LARGE) water bottle.  Fill it up.  And put it right in front of where you work or study or live.  The bottle will be a  constant visual reminder to drink up.
  • Every time you go get a coffee, coke, tea or other drink, ask yourself maybe, just this time, I should have a glass of water instead.
  • Download some awesome apps which remind you and educate you about your water intake.   Some of these apps include Waterlogged, Hydro Coach and Water Tracker.

So whilst you are having more fun, make sure you are having more water!


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