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Lilly loves Bouncy Foundation!


We are so happy that the beautiful star of Neighbours Lilly Van Der Meer loves our Bouncy Foundation. Here is what she says about it

I get so many questions about makeup & truth is, before I joined Neighbours I wore whatever makeup my mum owned and was entirely incapable of naming a beauty product. (Still am tbh) thanks to this industry I’m now kind of capable of throwing together one very basic look. I don’t know if I’ll ever decipher the definition of ‘different looks.’

Anyway, @goblondiecosmetics is what I use as a base for my everyday makeup look, my ‘I’m going to a gig’ look, all of my event looks, my ‘I’m sitting in a cinema alone’ look & my ‘I was supposed to be there 5 minutes ago’ look. Aka I use this liquid base for EVERYTHING. It’s made in Italy & is all natural and cruelty free. It has this incredible jelly base?? Idk my terminology still isn’t great, but it feels amazing and light on my skin. I just really genuinely love this product. Knowing I only need ONE product for everything I do is cool. It’s great for travelling too. I like that. It’s easy, it’s simple. It’s perfect for girls like me. Does anyone else use this product?

Australian Actress. Melbourne

XO GoBlondie Cosmetics


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