Pick the best foundation to avoid skin breakouts

Looking for a natural, light foundation that still provides full coverage? GoBlondies Bouncy Foundation which contains Hyaluronic Acid, Sea Algae, Antioxidants, Vitamins and Minerals is the best foundation to treat your skin while simultaneously enhancing it.

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Lilly loves Bouncy Foundation!

We are so happy that the beautiful star of Neighbours Lilly Van Der Meer loves our Bouncy Foundation. Here is what she says about it...

“I get so many questions about makeup & truth is, before I joined Neighbours I wore whatever makeup my mum owned and was entirely incapable of naming a beauty product. (Still am tbh) thanks to this industry I’m now kind of capable of throwing together one very basic look. I don’t know if I’ll ever decipher the definition of ‘different looks.’ Anyway, @goblondiecosmetics is what I use as a base for my everyday makeup look,

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Stay hydrated, people!

We’ve all been there.  We get to the end of a busy day and we realise we have forgotten to drink any water!  We know this isn't ideal, but forgetting to drink water could be worse than we instinctively think.  Human beings are actually about 50 - 75% water and such water comprises our blood, digestive juices, urine and sweat (we know, LOVELY right?).   However, water is also necessary for most of our bodily functioning. 

It keeps our cells hydrated (and therefore healthy) and quite literally ensures that our blood keeps flowing.  Adequate hydration also maintains our energy levels, brain function, digestion, and joint lubrication and nourishes our skin (we love that one!).  

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Exercise for healthy, glowing skin!

So we all know that exercise is amazing.  It releases all these great chemicals which make us feel awesome.  It makes us feel strong and capable.  It also improves our cardiovascular health and helps us to live longer, healthier lives.    But did you know that exercise is also critical for maintaining glowing and healthy skin?   The increased blood circulation and flow we derive from exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your skin, helping to repair sun and environmental damage.  Exercise also makes us sweat.  Gross right? No -  its actually great!  Sweating opens up our pores and dispels toxins and waste from our skin (just make sure you wash away all that dirt as soon as you can after your workout!).  It’s no surprise then that Mark Tarnopolsky, a professor of pediatrics and exercise science at McMaster University and a team of researchers found that people over the age of 40 who engaged in regular cardio activity have healthier skin.  The study actually showed that such people had skin 10-20 years younger than their actual age!

But not only does exercise help our skin because it increases blood circulation and sweats out the yucky stuff, it also helps our skin glow by reducing our stress levels.

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Eating well, getting enough exercise and taking time out to relax are all essential components of a healthy lifestyle. 

GoBlondie’s Bouncy Foundation is produced under high quality control. Our products are not tested on animals and are cruelty free. 

Bouncy Foundation contains no parabens, mineral oil, volatiles or parabens.

Substances such as parabens are commonly used in many cosmetic and personal care products with Methyl Paragon being the most widely used. Research has proven that parabens spur the growth of certain types of breast cancer as women diagnosed with breast cancer have been found to have traces of parabens present in their breast tissue.

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